Wolf carnage may reduce public support for hunting in general

I'm a bit "meh" about wolf hunting and population control in general. The origin story of wolf reintroduction in the Northern Rockies included the bargain that hunting would be used as a means to manage the species, and generate revenue for state wildlife agencies. I'm not a participant, but I recognize some management (killing) is part of the reality of having wild wolves in Montana and the West

Recent plans to increase the wolf death toll in Montana is another matter. This column by Matt Barnes in the Missoula Current spells out the irrationality or the policy. Barnes makes a good point about the potential damage of widespread wolf killing: it will likely further damage the public perception of hunting among the non-hunting public.

Whether we like it or not, support from the non-hunting population is essential for the survival of the sport in a world in which most people do not hunt.

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