And so it begins …

The Feds are under fire for killing eight pups in the Timberline wolf pack that lives in Boise and Idaho counties. The pack was "adopted" by students at Timberline High School in Boise in 2003, and those students have been monitoring the wanderings of the pack ever since.

The story does not give any details about recent problems with the pack that may have warranted killing the pups, other than to say biologists considered the pack to more likely "to relocate" if the pups were dead.

Of course the killing of eight pups in a pack adopted by high school students will only strengthen efforts to get the Feds back involved in wolf management now that Montana, Idaho and Wyoming have all adopted regulations that foster the indiscriminate killing of the animals in those states.

Rather than reexamining their controversial and unpopular wolf slaughter policies, look for political leaders in these states to instead pass laws prohibiting schools from adopting wolf packs.

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