Not carp

I got into a big fish at my favorite local lake. It pretty quickly took me into my backing.
The fish took about 10 minutes to land on my 5-weight. It was a healthy channel catfish, 7 or 8 pounds. I was disappointed. I thought it was a carp.
I've also caught bass at the lake. Again, not carp.
And bluegill. This guy grabbed my fly just as I dragged in front of a half dozen carp that were lounging on the bottom.
And another catfish that briefly fooled me into thinking I'd finally hooked a carp on a fly. This fish was lighter than most of the catfish, which are darker, almost black. It jumped once after I hooked it. I was sure it was a carp. I've had a few near misses, but have yet to hook one. Carp on a fly are tricky.


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